Arame galvanizado ,Hot dipped galvanized wire with 200g small coil packing

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  • FOB CHINA PORT: usd600-800/ton
  • LODING PORT: Xingang,TianJin
  • ZINC COATED: 10g-280g/m2
  • PACKING: 0.2KG 1KG 5KG 25KG 50KG ...800KG per coil
  • MATERIAL: Low carton steel or High carbon steel
  • APPLICATION: Often found in fencing, construction, woven wire mesh, packaging of products, communication devices, medical treatment equipment, making of brushes, steel rope, high pressure pipes, arts and crafts, high carbon ducting wire, and other daily uses
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    Metal wire expert

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    Galvanized steel wire

    Hot dipped. /Electro Galvanizing is the process where a protective barrier of zinc is applied between the steel and the environment. Zinc is most commonly used because it offers excellent cathodic protection.

    Zinc coated : 15g/m2 to 280g/m2

    Applications: Galvanized iron wire is mainly used as wire for meshes, spring wires, rope wires, knitting wires, scrubbing wires, wire for control cable, wire for braiding hoses, wire for conveyor belts, wires for welding, Tig and Mig wires, nail wires, wires for constructions, stitching Wire, etc.

    Gauge Bwg 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
    MM 5.16 4.19 3.4 2.77 2.11 1.65 1.24 1.07 0.89 0.81 0.71 0.63 0.56
    M/KG M 6 9 14 21 36 60 105 141 204 247 322 408 518
    Packing 0.2KG-1KG-20KG-25KG-50KG-100KG-300KG-500KG-800KG
    Or as clients’ request

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